Level 2 - Enter IEP Information

Step 1:  If you do not see your student in your list like below, contact a Level 4 user for your district.  

Your student should have the three boxes like below.  If your student has a box without an arrow at the end, contact your Level 4 user to launch the IEP.  

Step 2:  Complete the Student Plan.  If you are the first person to work on the IEP the Student Plan will automatically pop up.  You can click on the Student Plan button to access the Student Plan at anytime until the IEP is made active.  

Student Plan:  Complete form and Save Plan.  

Step 3:  You must enter the Initiation and Meeting Dates before continuing to the modules.  

Step 4:  Modules marked as having concerns will be open without a checkmark.  Modules marked as not having any concerns will have a check mark and be saved and completed already.  All modules will need to be completed before an IEP can be changed to Active.  

The Student Goals and the Accommodations modules will open up when Goal or Accommadation(s), modification(s) and/or supplemental aid options are selected.  

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